While the wheel wasn’t invented in “Rex’s” day, there are great ways to get to the Richmond Night Market.

“Rex’s” recommendation is to hop aboard the Canada Line!
Skytrain is your quick and easy way to get here… especially if you’re coming from Downtown Vancouver, just exit at Bridgeport Station.
Richmond Night Market is right next door on Number Three Road… Just look for the 35 foot tall Brachiosaurus!

If you’re in the Richmond area, local transit is also handy with the 403, 407 and 430 buses all stopping at Bridgeport Station. Go online to and look for the Trip Planner to find your best route here.

If you’re planning on driving, please keep in mind there are some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to getting here. Please stay on No. 3 Road and avoid travelling on Great Canadian Way. This is mainly for River Rock Casino customers only and can lead to congestion during peak hours. Also, the River Rock Casino parkades are for the exclusive use of their customers and No Richmond Night Market parking is permitted there at any time. Richmond Night Market has 2500 Free parking stalls, located at the end of No. 3 Road right in front of the market. But please note, our lot is generally full before 8 PM, so if you’re coming later, please take Skytrain or Transit.

“Rex” raves about Canada Line…even though he can’t fit inside, and hopes you have a “Roaring” good time at the Richmond Night Market next time you visit.